Disposing Old Car Batteries

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Disposing Old Car Batteries

Most people who own cars have had a bad moment with a dead battery. Most batteries do not give a warning and will just die when you least expect it. If the battery went down due to lights recondition batteries being left on or some of that kind, a car jump starter will come handy. But, an old battery can not be started and it means you have to call family or friends to come and help you.

Most adults have the skills of changing batteries, but they do not know how to dispose it safely. The constituents of a battery include chemicals battery reconditioning that can be dangerous if not disposed as recommended. Here are some tips on how to protect your environment through proper battery disposal.

What most people do not know is that the batteries are recyclable. They contain components that can be used to create new car batteries. A good example is the most dangerous lead found in batteries. It pollutes the environment in a dangerous way, but its 100% recyclable. If taken back to the manufacturer, the lead is melted, filtered and used in making car parts. The plastic part of the battery is also recyclable and can be used in manufacturing other products. Another surprising thing is that the sulfuric acid is also recyclable. It is possible to have purified and used as water or be convert it into sodium sulfate to be used in dyes, fertilizers and other products. Above, this sulfuric acid can be used in making new batteries.

The best place to take that old battery is to your local automotive shop that deals with car repairs. Also garages accept old batteries and many other spare parts. They will also help you replace your battery and if it’s already done, you can call those who are willing to collect the battery from your house or wherever it may be.
Improper car batteries disposal can contaminate the soil, water and the air. Batteries are regarded as one of the most dangerous waste that humans can through in a landfill. You should also handle them with care and always wear gloves whether the battery is new or old.

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